Networking and Cyber Security

In recent years, cyber attacks have become more sophisticated and pose a serious threat to the very existence of enterprises’ business. Every day, we hear about another hacking of an enterprise’s security system, exposing them to data theft, extortion, malware, disruption of activity, and even total system failure.

The era in which a basic firewall at the enterprise gateway was sufficient protection is over. Information security today requires combined operations and a creative array of defenses that provide efficient protection against threats on the one hand while protecting IT system performance on the other. Achieving this combined target requires expertise in both information security systems and in the different areas of an enterprise’s IT systems. This unique combination of expertise is precisely the added value that mindU brings to every information security project it undertakes on behalf of its clients.

mindU excels in providing an end-to-end solution for all the information security needs of an enterprise, from risk reviews and organization control through the drawing up and implementation of an information security policy pursuant to the different standards, to the ongoing operation of the enterprises’ information security systems.

mindU’s extensive experience in information security projects and its independence from any particular vendor have made it the preferred choice as an objective consultant for enterprises. mindU provides consultancy and management services for the procurement of network and information security systems, reviewing the client’s needs and preparing the specifications documents for the required solution. mindU complements its consultancy work by writing requests for proposals and managing them on behalf the client vis-à-vis the manufacturers and vendors, as well as managing proof of concept processes for network and information security systems.

mindU has extensive and in-depth experience in planning, setting up, and supporting enterprise network and information security systems for clients in defense, government, banking, and public and private companies in every industry.

mindU brings a unique advantage through its ability to integrate networks and information security systems with the planning and setting up of infrastructure and storage systems; an advantage which gives the client a comprehensive solution for the entire enterprise IT system.

mindU specializes in the planning, set-up, and support of many infrastructure systems, including:

  • Local Area Networks and Wide Area Network (WAN) based on private and public infrastructures, including communications switches, routers, and fabric systems
  • Security solutions for NGFW, Application Firewall, and other internet systems
  • Endpoint security solutions to protect enterprise servers and work stations
  • Content filter solutions for intranet users and mobile users
  • Secure content delivery systems to externalize web services and remote access services
  • Combined Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and risk management systems.
  • Expert services to examine existing networks and information security systems, locate problems, and help solve distress in the enterprise computer network
  • AWS Azure and other cloud-based networks and information security systems