An enterprise’s databases are the core of its IT systems. The ability to optimally set up, manage, and maintain these databases is critical for it routine operations.

Proper database management requires optimal integration with the different systems at the enterprise, guaranteed maximum availability, proper management of storage and back-up systems, strict information security, and more.

All these challenges with respect to databases requires multidisciplinary expertise and experience.

mindU has extensive experience and in-depth expertise in the management of top, well-known proprietary and open source databases.

Our Database Administrator (DBA) team are experts in integrating databases with operating and storage systems. The DBA team’s daily interaction with the professional services team at mindU offers a broad perspective and response that goes far beyond the market norm.

The database solutions that mindU offers makes it possible to guarantee system stability, functioning back-ups, and rapid disaster recovery, alongside maximum performance of the different systems and applications.

mindU provides its clients with regular advice on databases from the hardware and communications systems planning stage, through routine maintenance, performance testing, upgrades, back-up and restores, replication, monitoring, database structure changes and optimal performance coding.

mindU’s main areas of database expertise:


  • Database management and operations (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Implementation of high availability cluster systems (Oracle RAC, MSCS for SQL, Veritas Cluster Server)
  • Implementation of disaster recovery systems (Oracle DataGuard, MS SQL Always on, MySQL Mirror)
  • Implementation of back-up systems (Oracle RMAN, SQL Maintenance Plan, MySQL Dumps)
  • Integration of monitoring and control systems (Oracle Grid, MS System Center, Whatsup Gold, Nagios)
  • Establishment and management of cloud database systems