Open Operating Systems

The multitude of operating systems at enterprises and the numerous types of expertise required to manage them are major challenges for their IT systems departments. Some operating systems require specialized knowledge, of which there is limited availability in the market and incur high personnel costs. Employing experts in these fields weighs on budgets and goes against the mandate of doing more with less.

In response to this challenge, mindU makes available to enterprises top operating systems experts who enable an enterprise to maximize and optimize the capabilities of their systems in terms of both management and maintenance.

mindU has accumulated valuable experience in a wide range of operating systems, from the various Windows Servers systems, through Linux and Open Code, to complex Unix systems, which are often the critical business core of clients’ operations.

We have extensive experience with Windows infrastructures, including expertise in Active Directory infrastructures. We undertaking complex domain migration projects with hundreds or thousands of terminals and users, establishing and maintaining Microsoft Cluster systems – whether local High Availability configuration or Geo-Cluster configuration – and we are experienced with all Windows-based services.

mindU brings to Linux and Unix infrastructures in-depth experience for setting up and maintaining NIS and NFS services, as well as extensive experience with LAMP-based systems, Cluster configuration systems, and Grid and HPC systems.

mindU’s extensive experience will these diverse operating systems enables their full adaptation and optimization to the precise needs of the IT systems that they are intended to serve.

It is for this reason that enterprises use our services to improve the performance of their operating and associated systems, saving operating and maintenance costs, and maximizing the utilization and capabilities of their technological arrays.