Disaster Recovery and BCP

The high dependency of enterprises on their IT infrastructure is a critical challenge for Business Continuity Planning (BCP). The ability to quickly recover from malfunctions such as system crashes (disaster recovery) is critical for an enterprise’s ability to function and survive as a business entity.

In order to provide a solution to business continuity, enterprises must establish Disaster Recovery (DR) sites that will allow a fast and seamless switch from the company’s main site to an alternate site that will allow work to proceed as normally as possible.

Over the years, mindU has accumulated vast experience in planning and implementing business recovery projects at enterprises of every kind and scale, from small and mid-sized enterprises to some of Israel’s largest companies. This extensive experience has enabled us to develop a unique methodology for planning and establishing DR sites to ensure business continuity. The methodology includes a thorough analysis of the client’s needs, at both the business and technology level, followed by risk identification and mapping, with a focus on critical business procedures whose continuity must be guaranteed. Service Level Agreement (SLA) categories are simultaneously defined, including the accepted business continuity SLA parameters: Recovery Point Objective (RPO); Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and Recovery Service Objective (RSO) to customize a business recovery solution to the real needs of the enterprise.

Following the risk analysis and business procedures stage, mindU’s team of experts advises the client on the technology mapping across the range of infrastructures which serve the operational business processes. When this stage is completed, detailed planning of the business continuity solution is undertaken, including a recommendation on a number of possible alternatives and detailed cost estimate for each alternative.

The implementation stage of the business continuity solution prominently expresses the extensive experience of the mindU team in projects of this kind. This experience makes it possible to greatly shorten the time of the project, avoid malfunctions and system crashes, and allow the relevant parties to tangibly experience the ability of the DR system to switch from routine to emergency mode, making it possible to work according to a structured checklist for switching activity from the main site to the DR site.

mindU offers every enterprise the ability to choose between a designated DR site and a shared DR site, on the basis of the nature of the enterprise’s activity, the applicable regulations, risk level, and so forth.