Enterprises which rely on large and complex IT infrastructure systems devote many resources to manage, define, operate, and install the systems’ different components.

The ability to automate these processes allows an enterprise to greatly streamline its infrastructure management and deployment of the different network components.

The installation of automated processes (DevOps) saves operating costs, reduces human error, offers easy tracking of any change made to the enterprise computer infrastructure, and speeds up time to market of business processes.

mindU specializes in installing DevOps environments that enables its clients to streamline infrastructure systems and achieve competitive advantages to provide a more effective response in a changing business environment.

mindU provides its clients with DevOps services and advanced technologies. The mindU team of experts brings strong technological knowledge and skills to DevOps projects for the characterization and the establishment of advanced and flexible operations environments.

These advanced environments enable organizations to greatly increase their workload, improve stability, and quickly and efficiently automate infrastructures and deployments.

DevOps areas of expertise include:

  • Chef IT Automation, IT as software
  • Docker Containers
  • Apache Cassandra, ElasticSearch
  • Apache Kafka
  • Load Balancers – F5, Nginx