Contemporary high-tech enterprises rely on their computer centers for virtualization solutions, from the setting up of virtual server farms through Software Defined DataCenter and Hyper Converged Systems solutions.

In effect, there are no computer fields which are not affected by the impressive technological progress in virtualization. Virtual solutions are applicable for servers, work stations, storage and back-up systems, and communications systems.

The implementation of virtualization has made it possible for enterprises to simplify management multifold and dramatically reduce physical systems to save significant costs in the management and maintenance of their IT infrastructure.

Virtualization makes it possible for enterprises to easily establish and manage a private cloud through the self-service allocation of resources to different kinds of users at the press of a button.

The implementation of virtualization in disaster recovery systems allows rapid disaster recovery and strong business survivability and availability.

mindU provides consultancy, installation, and maintenance services for virtualization solutions . mindU has had a large number of successful projects and a range of satisfied clients, which benefit from a stable and flexible virtualization infrastructure. The expertise and experience across a range of current virtualization technologies in the market allows us to adapt the best solution for the enterprise’s needs.

Our services include consulting, set-up, and maintenance of the following solutions:

  • Private cloud based on WMware vSphere and Microsoft HyperV
  • VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • SRM-based disaster recovery
  • NetApp Insight Balance, VMware vCOPS automation, monitoring, and performance analysis
  • KVM, Xen, and Docker open source-based solutions